Borthwick Drive



With two young children, it is important to build a home that’s warm, nurturing and inviting but also a tranquil space for the home owners to spend quality time as a couple. The overall theme of the home we designed is a modern contemporary look with a luxe but cosy dark interior.

Exterior - The exterior facade of the home is an artist stucco effect wall, differentiating itself from the neighbours. Stucco is chosen for its absolute durability and weather resistant features and its decorative properties. The clean symmetrical lines of the building structure also creates a very soothing and welcoming look to match the personalities of the home owners.

Living & Dining - The living room on the ground floor is converted into a luxurious space with dark wood wall panel and Grogio Carnico marble, bluetooth smart lighting system and a poetic and elegantly captivating MOOOI Perch Light Branch as the ceiling's center piece for the dining area. To complement the design, a large dining table from Dekton Khalo is chosen for its sturdy structure of natural stone and gold metal legs.

Kitchen - In the first floor of the home, an open dry kitchen and dining area was designed to open up the space and allow more natural light to shine through. For some family time, the entertainment space is situated just beside the dining table and the TV is mounted and flush against an elegant full dark marble wall. Situated behind the dry kitchen lies the enclosed wet kitchen with aluminium glass door and a customised green wall, adding an element of nature to the home.

Master Suite - The king sized bed is positioned in the center of the room with a full dark fabric wallpaper, black marble sintered slab wall feature and backlit warm lights, creating a serene space for a good night rest. The once open balcony space on this floor has now converted into a separate bathroom with sitting shower that includes a full aluminium walk-in wardrobe system by Ximula, linking seamlessly to the master suite.

Entertainment - To fully utilise the space, we have also converted the open terrace space into a mini home theatre, complete with Bang & Olufsen audio system. The light soft fabric colour TV wall with groove lines break the dark interior colourway of the room, giving it an even more spacious feel. And this is where the owners enjoy uninterrupted time together away from the kids! 

Children's Room - As for the kids rooms, two customised built-in beds along with bedside tables give each child their own little space but keeping them close by. The cream and gold accents of the room were matched with a colourful animal print wallpaper to lighten up the mood but still keeping the lush theme of the home. 


Admira CERARL Panels 

Dekton Khalo - Dining table 

Dekton Aura 15 - Dry Kitchen 

Kings Living - Sofa (Zaza)

NOMON - Pendulo Gold Wall Clock

WELLS - The One

Ximula - Wardrobe System 

Ximula - Kitchen System 

VLUX - Bluetooth Smart Lighting 

LBS - Lightings 

Hong Lee - Grigio Carnico Marble ( TV Wall ) 

Fascina - Aluminium Doors and Windows 

TOTO - Bathroom Faucets

Bang & Olufsen Audio System

MOOOI Perch Light Branch

iGuzzini - The Trick 360° Light